Mobile Public Space Action Plan
"A Unique Opportunity -
Why change should occur now

Currently celebrating its 300th birthday, Mobile has an opportunity to become one of the most livable cities in the country. In many ways, the downtown has "good bones." With its small scale historic streets, strategically located public squares, and working waterfront, it has the necessary ingredients to make a vibrant environment in which to live, work and visit. Imagine coming into Mobile on a beautiful tree-lined street, entering a busy downtown of restored historic buildings, thriving shops, sidewalk cafés and gardens, and staying after work or for a few days.

Imagine a working waterfront that also has an active promenade, a marina, and destinations that draw people to it. And instead of being lined with drive-in banks and parking lots, Water Street is a boulevard with wide sidewalks for strolling, restaurants and shops, easy street crossings for pedestrians, and gateways at both ends that announce the arrival to the city. Imagine a downtown that is known for its burgeoning arts scene, renovated live-in lofts, and mix of funky shops that complement more traditional retail and entertainment venues for performing arts and cinema..."